How To: Reverse Sear - Bullet Smoker

This article will take you through how to reverse sear a steak in a Pro Q, a type of smoker typically known as a bullet smoker due to its shape.  We will also cover off on some of the theory behind the reverse sear and why it is such a great option for cooking that perfect steak.

Hanging Roast Pork Belly

Further exploring how to get the perfect pork crackle in your barbecue we hang a beautiful piece of Linley Valley Pork belly in the fornetto razzo 18” - would work in any bullet style smoker such as Pro Q, Weber Smokey Mountain or Fornetto as well as drum style barbecues.

How to: The Snake Method

The snake method is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get started in the wonderful world of smoked meats.
This guide illustrates how to set up the snake method in a Weber kettle, however once you understand the theory you can apply it to other BBQs too!