BBQ School - Father's Day 2019

BBQ School - Father's Day 2019


For Father’s Day this year we want to roll out something special!

We are doing our Charcoal Fundamentals class but adding in Dad’s Pork Crackle!

Growing up we always had roasts in the Weber Kettle, especially at Christmas time.
Pork crackle is hands down the reason I bought my first Weber Kettle and so is ultimately responsible for all following barbecue shenanigans.

We are selling tickets to this event in pairs of two because I really want a dad to come with his child (son or daughter because you better believe my daughter is going to be in to BBQ)

If pairs really don’t suit get in touch and we will see what we can do.
Don’t forget we also have gift vouchers available for our Charcoal Fundamentals class!

Class will be the same format as normal with the addition of pork crackle

Varsity Morley (33 Rudloc Rd)
Whole lot of delicious food included
Complimentary arrival drinks
Goodie bag to take home

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