2.0 Class - 3 November

2.0 Class - 3 November


Our Weber Basics class has transitioned into a Charcoal Basics class with the addition of bullet smokers to cover more ways to get started into the world of charcoal.

And so our Weber 2.0 class is now also transforming to Perth BBQ School 2.0 Class (I still really want to find a better name though!)

The goal of this class is to be much more relaxed and open format, using as many different bells, whistles, types of barbecues and accessories we can get our hands on.

So far the plan is to cook: brisket, the perfect pork crackle, picanha, our famous corn casserole, beef cheeks, salmon, portuguese chicken and more - we’re also open to requests, if we can accommodate them we will and the menu in general is subject to my whims depending what current favourites I’m into.

This class is for people that have attended our basics class before as it will allow us to skip some of the intro stuff.

Barbecues will include: the offset smoker, drum smoker, pit barrel cooker, rotisseries and more

Held on 3 November the class will commence at approximately 11am and conclude at approximately 5pm, however given the number of different things we want to include it could run over time.

Some complimentary drinks provided - we want to devote as much of the ticket price as we can to including more proteins and dishes, we hope you’re okay with that!

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